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America's #1 Authority for the Child Welfare Industry


Inspirational stories, tips and interviews for those who serve within Foster Care Life


Empower yourself and others to achieve Maximum Success!


  • Within The POWER of YOU 8 CD collectors series, you will learn about:
  • Staying motivated through difficult times
  • The power of providing excellent service
  • What Children really Need to Succeed in Life
  • How to be the best YOU possible
  • Preparing youth in care for College
  • Bringing power and value to make the Foster Care Life system stronger

The Power of YOU!!! CD series $97

H.O.P.E. is Everything!

Inspirational Stories, Tips and Interviews to Empower Self and Others to Achieve Greatness


Within the H.O.P.E. is Everything 8 CD collectors series, you will learn to:


  • Discover the Champion Within
  • Beating the Odds
  • The Power of Purpose
  • How to Live your BEST Life Now!
  • The Essence of Servant Leadership
  • Empowering Women for Greatness

HOPE is Everything! CD series $97

Teachers Are Heroes

7 Success Principles for Transformational Teaching


Teachers Are Heroes is a magnificent message that reminds us of just how powerful and significant teachers are in this world. These heroes sacrifice and dedicate themselves day in and day out to ensure that every child is successful in the classroom and in life. Teachers are indeed the foundation for great learning. The 7 Success Principles within this book will help inspire them to teach with passion and remind them of how truly important they are in the lives of the students they serve. It’s time to remind the world of just how important these heroes are to our society.

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